Tap Into the Vibrant Health and Energy Already Within You!

Go deeper in your Qigong or Breathwork practice - from form to energetics to inner teachings – and develop a robust sustainable practice.

Welcome to Best Breathing Exercises

If you’re looking beyond conventional exercise, breathwork or qigong programs and wish to tap into the vibrant health and energy already within you — this web site is for you.

Here you’ll find valuable, life-transforming courses, books, and programs designed to help you transform stress, achieve optimal health and fitness, and increase your overall energy and personal power.

Dynamic Energy Exercise™ is an approach to exercise and wellbeing that integrates your body, mind, and spirit through the focal point of your breath. This approach leverages time-tested principles and techniques from Qigong and other energy disciplines, breathing methods and practices, and traditional martial arts. It’s grounded in years of study and teaching, rigorous and ongoing education in Medical Qigong and Classical Chinese Medicine, and continued practice and evolution. It’s extremely effective yet easy to learn and accessible to anyone.

I want you to enjoy the optimal health, vitality, and confidence you deserve! So check out the courses and programs below and get started today!

Online Courses

Qigong (“Chee Kung”) is an ancient, non-impact form of exercise which combines breathing, specific movement patterns, and visualization in a powerful practice that helps you transform stress, center and ground yourself, and improve your physical health and internal energy. Access life-transforming Qigong and Breathwork instructional programs.


We’ve dusted off and updated some of our most popular programs that focus on building lung power and stamina, enhancing flexibility, and improving your metabolism. And we’ll be adding new programs soon.

In-Person or Virtual Lessons & Consultations

Ready to advance your Qigong and Breathwork practice? Much of the available instruction is focused on the outside form and general stress reduction benefits. Our teachings go much deeper so you also learn and benefit from the profound energetic cultivation that can lead to positive, meaningful physical, mental, and emotional transformation. We also explore other breathing and energy disciplines to ensure a well-rounded, effective approach.

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